BUSTED! film may be one of the most painful and painfully funny records ever made of a domestic dispute. When his relationship with his live-in lover collapsed, he retreated to the confines of the second bedroom in the house they shared. But knowing the person he was dealing with, each time he left the house, he also left a video camera running. Unable to contain her curiosity or hostility, his former lover broke into his room again and again.

You’ll see her stealing his things, destroying his things, talking on the phone with her attorney and others coaching her on how to destroy his room and belongings. You’ll hear hilarious reenactments of actual court transcripts where she denies all of her activities and you’ll hear the shocking revelation that all of her actions have been caught on tape! And finally watch as she’s thrown out of the house in the end, as a judge orders her to leave the house which she fought to kick him out of!

And the best part — it’s all real! Each of her appearances was faithfully recorded by the camera which she never discovered.
Her mindless behavior is at first astonishing, then hilarious, and finally, the clear evidence of a deranged mind.

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A silver dvd with the words " buy now ".



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