Education Through Communication

As a documentary film unit, Education Through Communication has devoted itself to examining the social, political, and cultural issues that impact our society.

ETC Film Unit has produced such films as:

Some Won’t Go documenting the war resistance movement in the 1960’s and 70’s; this film was invited to over sixty film festivals around the world.

The Inner Revolution documenting an intensive human drama, experience, in a therapy, of a thirty-five year old college professor, who had taken refuge in the half-world of neurosis. The film was invited to over forty film festivals. Music by John Lennon based on his experience and insights in this therapy.

Busted! giving viewers a unique chance to see – literally to watch – what happens when a relationship crumbles. A riveting series of scenes from a video camera, chronicles the decline and fall of a romance, ending in court, and portrays one woman’s startling obstinacy and self-obsession as she unknowingly reveals herself again and again and again.

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